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can someone help me find that picture with a guy standing naked on two plastic chairs holding two candles and a sign taped to his chest that says “i am serious now” and there’s a laptop hanging from his dick with a sun over it and also orbs and smoke




I think the reason everyone likes Orange is the New Black so much is because we get to see everyone’s backstory and realize that even if they seem like a bad person, they’re still human and they have struggles and passions just like everyone else.

Except Vee. Fuck you Vee.

Anonymous asked:
You know what tho? Even if your school shaved you clean, it would be pretty rad. Like a little rebel you know? I know you value your hair and bad rep with the teachers and stuff but maybe you should try stepping it up this year. Again, just an opinion :P

I already have a horrible rep with the teachers and I do value my hair a lot so maybe I should?? You tempt me so much saying that and this could potentially be my last year at school.. I’ll think about it..